Business Intelligence

Cross platform application suite that works with wide range of data sources and can be deployed on web as well as client-server architectures. Our BI application frameworks, code libraries and development methodologies have evolved through years of successful implementations in medium and large installations. Our offerings substantially reduce implementation costs and time, by reducing the BI applications development lifecycle.

See it to believe it

Before you start building a data warehouse, see real BI reports.

Our latest offering can be deployed without the need of building a data warehouse first.

Know the real benefits first and then take the decision.

Geospatial Analysis

Combine your data with maps and gain a unique perspective.

In few clicks you can create geospatial analysis along with timeline.

  • Analyze
  • Branch & customers
  • Deliquency
  • Current/Savings Account & Term Deposit
  • Loan & card products
  • Commercial banking
  • Trade services
  • Balance sheet & Financial control
  • Forex & Treasury
  • PMS & wealth management
  • Benefits
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators
  • View trends and patterns
  • Ascertain value of the portfolio
  • Ascertain enhancements and attritions
  • Assess structural liquidity of assesst and liabilities
  • Ascertain key business statistics

In an age where knowledge is power, the ease and efficiency with which right information is accessed and acted-on becomes the key to success. Indeed, organization irrespective of size and scale are relying on advanced analytics like Business Intelligence (BI) or Data Warehousing (DW) solutions to leverage knowledge to respond to the dynamic changes in the eco-system and retain competitive edge. With our Assessment / Strategy Roadmap service, we help organizations to conceptualize a BI vision and define plans to achieve the same.This is a technology independent exercise first gathers insights about an organization’s business needs, existing pain areas and expectations from the data warehouse as enabler. We have an expert base covering almost every BI technology along with domain expertise and our study will deliver a 360 degree evaluation.